Terms & Conditions

Shipping Terms & Conditions
Payment can be made with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.

Processing Your Order 
Once we receive an order we will process it. We will notify all customers via e-mail of their order status. This includes shipping and handling, overall order total and ship date. If we are out of a product that will delay shipment beyond 1 week, then we will contact you via e-mail as to the ship date. 

Handling Charges 
Herbal Garden Soap Company does not currently charge a Handling fee. 

We will ship all products within 1 week after receipt with the exception of back order products. We will notify you that the product is out of stock and when it will be available.

USA Domestic Shipping Policy
All orders ship via USPS or UPS for home delivery, only. Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company does NOT ship to P.O. Boxes. 

Domestic shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping on ALL orders (large or small).

Foreign Shipping Policy 
To our Canadian Customers: You are responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with foreign shipping costs outside the USA. Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company will charge the necessary shipping and handling costs associated with foreign shipment(s). We will notify you via E-Mail of their order status. Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company will notify customers via e-mail of the total shipping and handling costs along with order total and ship date. Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company will process the order two days after the order status e-mail to the customer has been sent, unless other arrangements are made by the customer via a reply E-Mail. 

If you're not happy with our product we want to hear about it. If you are happy with our products we hope you'll tell your friends! All of our products are fully guaranteed. If you are not satisfied in any way with our product return it to Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company within 7 days of receiving them, and we will refund your purchase price. Any items received by Herbal Garden Handcrafted Soap Company after 7 days will be subject to a 20 percent restocking charge. No returns will be accepted after 30 days.